Harley Davidson Transported from TX to AZ

Harley1aJust a note to tell you that Omar didn’t deliver my Harley on Sunday as expected.  I guess that things just happen.  He called me at 10:30 Saturday morning to tell me that he was about 2 hours away from Glendale and could I take delivery around 12:30 Saturday afternoon?  You bet I could!

Omar was a gentleman and yes, he had a first rate trailer that was custom made for delivering motorcycles.  He had about 6 other bikes in the trailer that he was going on through to California to deliver.  He seemed fine with the pre agreed delivery fee and called me a ‘gentleman’ for the extra $50 that I gave him for taking care of my bike so well and for the quick delivery.

Getting the bike on Saturday instead of late Sunday, as expected, allowed Debbie and I to jump on the bike and take a 150 mile loop ride up through the back hills of the Phoenix Valley in our 83 degree sunshine.  What a pleasure it was to be out on such a beautiful bike!

MANY thanks to you, Sonia, for holding my hand while walking me through the shadows of the transport business.  I am still getting e-mails from haulers who want $775-$950 to bring my bike to me.  The $680 I paid was reasonable to me.  $800 – $900 and waiting up to 6 weeks just seems unjustified.  I am glad that you know what is sensible and could arrange my transportation accordingly.

I have attached a couple of pictures of our bike,  so you can see why I wanted it carefully taken care of.  These are pictures from Cowboy Harley.  I couldn’t find a bike near me that was worked over a nicely as this one, and I am grateful that you were able to make it safe for me to do an internet purchase.

With Highest Regards and Appreciation, Roger

BMW Shipped From PA to MA

Hi Bernie,

Just wanted to send you a great write up that was posted on the forum by the client you got from my first write up. Well done to you and your Company.

For the record Excellent Auto Transport and the carrier they got for me were fast amazing and very very competitively priced. The guy at the storage lot that my car was in out in Wyoming was hard to nail down and not only did they wait him out but the driver also signed off for the balance I owed and took it as part of the delivery payment. I literally could not have done this with any other companies and Bernie and her daughters were truly nice and easy to work with.

Forever grateful for the info Karim, this is the power of e46fans at work!

Suzuki Hayabusa in St. Louis

HayabusaThe company name says it all == Christa with Excellent Auto transport is awesome, from the moment we first spoke on the phone she was warm, friendly honest and upfront. She really cares about you and your property, she made me feel like family instantly. She explained everything from how my bikes would be listed to how the truckers look at the listing and how they view whats a good pick up for them as far as cents per mile is concerned. Most importantly she explained how to make a presentable bid that would be both appealing to a driver and that would not make me have to resubmit and bid that would conflict with my time schedule. Christa found me an awesome driver as well Sliver Rock Auto transport, Sam was punctual and very honest,friendly, and his early morning delivery was perfect. They both are highly recommended, and I look forward to doing business with them both in the near future.

Kurt Jones/ St. Louis, MO.

Honda Pilot Shipped From GA to CA

review_photo2Thank you Bernie and Excellent Auto Transport for shipping my Honda Pilot from Hotlanta to Sunny California. Being that I’m a military spouse I’ve had cars transported about 4 times and this is the first time that I’ve been extremely happy and extremely satisfied. Bernie you are so kind, patient and have been such a big help. I will be giving you a call next time I need a vehicle transported and will recommend Excellent Auto Transport to family and friends. Thank you so much!!review_photo2